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Shopping in Diu

Known for beaches and unparalleled beauty, Diu is much more than just a tourist spot. Shopping in Diu is relaxing and a thrilling activity. The bazaars of Diu are lively, colourful and vibrant with vendors selling out variety of goods. From small handicrafts to electronic goods and appliances, one can get almost everything in the local markets of Diu. A major contributor to Diu’s economy is tourism as tourists buy various articles from the Diu markets, thus contributing to its economy.

Where to Shop in Diu ?

Shopping destinations in Diu

The Diu Market has a number of shops selling an assortment of popular street foods. There are shops selling custom goods and decorative utility articles. In the Town Square, you get to buy leather slippers, bamboo mats and other attractive handicrafts. You can also find here electronic gadgets and home appliances at nominal rates. Bangles made by the Sangariya Sheri community in Diu can be purchased from the stalls near the Zampa Gateway. Articles made out of shells and pearls can be purchased from the road side shops near the beaches. Souvenirs made of bamboo, terracotta, brass etc are available in the Government Emporia and stalls in famous tourist locations throughout the city. Cashews and other dry fruits are available in the shops in Diu market. One can also buy a variety of garments, watches, chocolates, quilts, belts etc at cheap rates from the Diu market near the main road.

What to buy in Diu ?

Shopping in DiuDue to its proximity to the sea, there are a number of road side shops, selling exquisite items made of sea shells and oyster shells. Apart from decorative utility items, chains, necklace, ear rings, bracelet and other fancy accessories made out of these shells are in great demand among the tourists visiting Diu.Souvenirs made of ivory carvings and tortoise shells. Ivory carvings, weaved mats, bamboo baskets and different decorative articles made of tortoise shells, that are in great demand among the visitors in Diu, depict the talent and creativity of the local artisans here. Decorative articles and jewellery made of pearls are quite popular among the Foreign tourists. The handicrafts, sold in the roadside shops make excellent souvenirs and memorabilia.


One of the most popular items in the must buy list of tourists visiting Diu are the colourful and beautiful plastic bangles, polished on a buffing machine. A favorite among the local ladies, even the foreigners visiting Diu are known to indulge in extravagant purchases and are often seen with their hands adorned with dozens of these colourful bangles. Available in a variety of patterns, designs and sizes, the lovely ladies are so much in love with these accessories that even bargaining is sometimes compromised.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits and spices are available at reasonable rates here and are of good quality. Plain, salted and masala cashew nuts are available here in abundance over here. Superior quality cashews are available for as less as Rs 300 per kilogram.

Custom Goods

One can find a number of electronic goods, slippers, toys, household appliances, gadgets at attractive prices in the markets of Diu. Foreign goods, customised according to the needs of the customers are available at attractive prices. There are an array of shops selling such goods, hauled up by the customs department, where tourists can engage in some window shopping.


Diu is said to be a paradise for the booze lovers. Apart from restaurants with bars, there are also a number of wine shops, selling liquor varieties at very cheap prices. People from neighbouring cities throng here during weekends, specially to enjoy liquor at throwaway prices. The resorts are equipped with bars, offering the tourists elaborate wine and dine facilities.

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