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Religious Places in Diu

Apart from the beaches and other entertaining spots in Diu, there are a number of religious places as well. Diu is home to diverse multicultural population with people belonging to different communities living in harmony with each other. The temples and churches here attract throngs of visitors. The churches are specimens of architectural brilliance exhibited by the artisans of those times, and contain in them strong traces of the Portuguese past in Diu. The Gangeshwar Temple is known for its serenity and the energy emanated from this temple is palpable and has profound effects on the mind as well as the body. It thus attracts people belonging to different communities from various parts of the country.

St Paul’s Church in Diu

This 400 year old church is dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. It is known to be the only active church in Diu till date. It bears a close similarity to the Bom Jesus Church in Goa. Built in Gothic architectural style, its splendid wooden carvings and shell like motifs make it one of the most exquisite Portuguese churches in India. The intricate wood panelling provides a visual treat to its visitors. The altar with an image of St Mary carved out of Burmese teak and lit up with 101 candles is a sight to behold.

Religious Places in Diu

The Feast of the Eleven Thousand Virgins and the conversion of St Paul are grand celebrations, taking place in the church with active participation of people of all communities. At night, this church is illuminated by lights of different colours and provides a picturesque view. This church is easily accessible and can be reached via auto rickshaws, taxis and private vehicles.

St Thomas Church in Diu

This marvellous white structure is known for its sublime art and beautiful architecture. Being easily accessible, this place has been converted into a museum by the government authorities. It mainly houses exquisite wood carvings and Catholic statues, gathered from the abandoned churches in Diu. Various other artifacts found here include stone idols, antic statues, inscriptions, shadow clocks and other excavations. In the evening multi coloured fountains and special lighting effects add to the charm of this place. It can be visited throughout the week from 8 am to 6 pm.

Churches in Diu

Gangeshwar Temple in Diu

This beautiful cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, a powerful Hindu God. A special highlight of this temple is a beautiful idol of Lord Shiva and five Shiva Lingas, nestled among the rocks, on the sea shores. The idols, being washed by the sea waves, lapping back and forth is a remarkable sight. It is believed that the lingas were placed there by the Pandavas, during their exile from Hastinapur. During the high tide, only the tip of the Shivalngas are visible, with the rest submerged under the water. The calmness and tranquility experienced in this temple is unparalleled.

Temples in Diu

Listening to the lapping of the sea waves and the chirping of the birds is a heavenly experience. There is a mystic aura surrounding the temple and you can almost feel the positive energy waves radiated from this place. Sitting and watching the sea waves itself is a blissful experience. Thus besides experiencing nature at its best one can also get to know about the significance of this temple through interesting stories of its past. Located in Fudam village about 3 kilometres from Diu auto rickshaws and public transport facilities can be availed to reach this temple.

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