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About Diu

Known for its golden beaches, vast stretches of sand, rich historic relics, exotic varieties of sea food, and a pleasant climate, Diu can rightly be called as a tropical paradise. The perfect amalgamation of the Indian and Portuguese cultures, reflected in the cuisine, architecture and celebrations, add to the charm of this quaint little island. The contrast between the tranquil ambiance of this place and its active nightlife sparks the curiosity of its visitors, urging them to explore Diu and transporting them to a different realm, in return. Thus with its irresistible charm, Diu is an ideal getaway for all seasons, for people of all ages, from all walks of life, offering each one of them, an experience of a lifetime.

Brief History of Diu

About Diu

Diu has a fascinating and varied history. Diu was once part of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat and was ruled by Mauryas during ancient period. In 1535 Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat, allowed the Portuguese to construct the Diu Fort and maintain a garrison on the island. The Portuguese on realizing the strategic importance of Diu captured the town and built a fort and set up military troops there. The Portuguese rule in Diu lasted for more than 400 years. It was liberated from The Portuguese in 1961, along with Goa and Daman. In 1987, Goa was granted statehood, while Daman and Diu were granted the status of a separate union territory.Read More.........

Geography and Climate of Diu

Located between 20.71° North and 70.98°East, Diu occupies an area of about 40 square kilometres. It is located a little away from the Kathiawar coast, close to the Veraval port in Gujarat. It is bordered by Amrelli and Junagadh in North and Arabian Sea on other three sides. Diu enjoys a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year. During summer, from March to May, the temperature ranges between 20o C to 38o C. Winters from November to February have maximum temperature of about 25o C, while the minimum temperature goes down to about 20°C. The rainy season lasts from June to September, when Diu experiences southwest monsoons. The average annual rainfall received is about 70 cm. An ideal time to visit would be from October to May, when the climate is pleasant and you can also experience its colourful festive season. Read More.........

Places of Interest In and Around Diu

When it comes to sightseeing, the people of Diu are spoilt for choices. The beaches, historic relics, religious places have made Diu a popular tourist hub. The beaches of Nagoa, Ghoghla, Jallandhar, Chakratirth are known scenic beauty and are popular picnic spots. The massive and majestic Diu Fort is an important monument, attracting hordes of visitors. The Churches of St. Paul’s, St. Thomas’, St. Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of Remedies, Gangeshwar Temple are popular religious places of worship, visited by people belonging to various communities.

Informations on Diu

Other interesting sight-seeing options include Zampa Gateway, Sunset Point, Shell Museum, Naida Caves, Fortim-do-Mar, Vanakbara village, Nagar Seth’s Haveli, INS Khukri Memorial etc. Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad are popular tourist centres near Diu. Numerous tourist attractions, Easy accessibility, pleasant climate, plenty of accommodation options have all immensely contributed to the development of tourism in Diu. Read More.........

Economy and Industrialism in Diu

Due to its proximity to the sea, fishing is a major economic activity carried out by the people in this region. About 40 per cent of the population is engaged in fishing. Pomfrets, Bombay duck, dhara fish, sharks, eels etc are found in the coastal areas. There is a unit in Diu that is engaged in processing and canning of fish. Salt production is also one of the main occupations here. A large number of people are also engaged in weaving and dyeing of clothes and making artistic handicrafts. Due to its rocky terrain, only about 20 per cent of the total land is available for cultivation. Cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats form the main livestock reared here. Owing to its scenic beauty and tourist spots, tourism is an important contributor to Diu’s economy. Industrial development in Diu is restricted to one industrial estate and a few small scale units. Read More...........

Art and Craft in Diu

Art and Craft in DiuThe Diu culture can be rightly described to be fusion of the Western and Indian cultures. The people here are fun loving and vibrant, and this is reflected in their festivals and various celebrations, that are quite colourful and accompanied by songs and dances. Portuguese dance forms, tribal dances and Garba are quite popular among the people in Diu. Though majority of the people here are Hindus, Christianity and Islam are also practiced in Diu. Gujarati, Hindi, English and Portuguese are the languages spoken by majority of the people here. Men here prefer wearing kurta pyjama, dhoti kurta, Pathani suits, shirts and trousers, while women wear sarees, salwar kameez or ghaghras during special occasions. However, modern outfits are gaining popularity over the recent years, especially among the youngsters. Mat weaving, ivory carving, tortoise shell crafts are quite popular in this region.

Transportation in Diu

There is an airport in Nagoa in Diu, with regular flights to Mumbai, Porbundar etc. The nearest railway station is at Veraval about 90 kilometres from Diu. It is well connected to Rajkot, Ahmedabad and other major cities. There are well maintained roads that connect Diu to other major Indian places like Mumbai, Daman, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Palitana etc. Gujarat State Transport buses and private luxury coaches are available at regular intervals connecting Diu to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Junagadh etc. Local means of transport are quite economical as the rates are bargainable. Autorickshaws, rented bicycles, scooters, mopeds etc form the local means of transport. There are several agencies and hotels that hire out mopeds at reasonable rates. Read More.......

Festivals Celebrated in Diu

The people of Diu are fun loving and like celebrating various festivals with great gusto and pomp. Dance and music form an integral part of the celebrations. Navratri or the Garba Dance Festival is celebrated, where men and women in bright colourful costumes dance to the tune of various devotional songs. The Diu Festival organised by the Tourism Department is celebrated annually during which number of cultural events and competitions are organized.

Valuable informations on Diu

No doubt Diu festival attracts hordes of tourists from far and wide. Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter are celebrated in a grand manner, throughout the city. Holi, Diwali, Id, Makarsankranti etc are also celebrated by the various communities in Diu.

Shopping in Diu

Shopping in Diu can turn out to be a delightful and fun filled experience. It is dotted with small handicraft shops selling a variety of locally made exquisite handicraft items. There are custom shops offering popular foreign goods at cheap rates. The Diu Bazaar at the Town Square is quite popular for selling fancy leather slippers, bamboo mats and baskets and a variety of other goods. Electronic goods, home appliances, gift items are also found here in abundance. Trinkets and souvenirs made of sea shells, pearls, items made of oyster shells are quite popular in the beaches in Diu. Souvenirs including brassware, terracotta items, straw and shell work, carved furniture, crochet etc are found in the Government Emporia and stalls in almost all the popular tourist spots. Plain, salted and masala cashew nuts found in the colourful markets of Diu are a favourite among the tourists. Read More.......

Diu at a glance

Country: India
Union Territory: Daman and Diu
District: Diu
Famous for: Beaches, churches and other tourist attractions
Languages: Gujarati, English, Hindi, Portuguese
Weather: Cool and mild
Altitude: 29 metres
Pin code: 362520
STD code: 02875
Major Tourist attractions: Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Temple, Nagoa Beach, Ghoghla Beach, Jallandhar Beach, Chakratirth Beach, Panikotha, Hoka Tree, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Zampa Gateway, Sunset Point, Shell Museum, Naida Caves, Fortim-do-Mar, Vanakbara village, Nagar Seth’s Haveli, INS Khukri Memorial, Diu Fort, Church of St. Paul’s, Church of St. Thomas’, Church of Our Lady of Remedies etc.
Major Festivals: Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter, Diu Festival, Garba etc.

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